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The minimum of a team

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The minimum of a team

Date N/A Gediminas Bukauskas

@Jason Programming Follows industry evolution: first cars and airplanes were constructed by 1-2 persons. Do you think that Boeing 737 could be built by one very good master? I agree with Hal Levy: it is impossible to find a person who knows every aspect of .NET – object is too wide.

I wrote – times of standalone programming genius are over, you need team for building enterprise applications. OK, I shall repeat here, you will need:

1. Professional designer that knows GUI building principals, knows and loves working with graphical editors,

1. Front-end programmer for moving picture to HTML, XAML; he must know CSS3, HTML5, XAML, one of JavaScript environments; there are many different JavaScript libraries and nobody knows all of them,

1. Back-end programmer like me; this person will be responsible for mapping your business ideas to database tables, creating business rules, transmitting data from client side to database and back.

1. Tests designer – this person must think day and night about making the system full, write scripts for doing that and launch the scripts on every new release of the application.

1. Project manager – person who knows object of automation, contacts with customer and maps customer’s dream into collection of diagrams (UML).

Don’t start programming at all once you could not collect this absolutely minimal set of employees – your project will fail.