Programming, is it still fun for you?



I am privileged to work on something which I actually enjoy. It is like being a professional sportsman; I get paid to do stuff that I love.

Actually, based on the majority of programmers I know, I would say that most of us feel the same. We are basically a bunch of geeks trying to prove to each other who is a better programmer, we somehow see the day to day in the office as a grown up version of…

          <mmorpg>World of warcraft</mmrpg>
          <role game>Lord of the rings</ role game>
          <movie>Star wars</movie>
</ geekstuff >

Going to the office is then like a game, and as in any game, if you are not having fun, what´s the point? So, are you still having fun? Having fun at work is, in my opinion, one of the differences that can make a great software developer.

If you are not having fun, you won´t probably be motivated, and if you are not motivated, you are going to do a poor job, so to try to help you, let me present my four golden rules to keep it fun at work!

See your colleagues, and show yourself as a friend, not as a competitor.

Try to avoid getting too emotional when you have arguments with your colleagues as Dale Carnegie said “The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.”

Change your mind set from “what can I do to show they are wrong” to “what can I do to help my colleagues”.

Look for challenges.

Doing easy and repetitive stuff is simply boring.

Don´t take it too seriously, it is only a job.

At the end is only a job, don’t get too stressed if you don’t want to eventually see yourself with an anxiety attack in the office.

If still is not fun, just find another job.

To me not having fun is critical, we expend a huge amount of time at work, so don’t waste it, if you are not having fun just find another job, even if the money is not as good!!!

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